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Monday, March 19, 2012


i have changed my blog to here

wR♥ Being Narcissistic

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i choose to be lifeless.

Friday, July 22, 2011

:( nurses are awesome

My blog is partially dead.

He's thinking to quit nursing, he feel that he couldn't survive in the ward.
Lethargy seats in, physical, emotional, and mental break down. i could feel that too.

Incident happened whereby patient so and so IV plug was leaking, therefore he off the plug and bandage with a cotton ball for stop bleeding, then he walked off and busy with his stuffs again. After a while, patient's relative came, saw the blood was leaking out from patient's hand and wet the bed and floor. He came and quickly apply pressure to stop bleeding. Next moment, he received a complaint letter form that particular patient's relative, saying that he didn't apologize on the spot. My question is that's not his fault, why he should give apology to them? Sound ridiculous , isn't? We nurses serve hard for people, helping people, but because of this tiny little thing, people try to complaint u. Don't u feel heartache? Curse that fellow who wrote the complaint letter.

I feel happy when people appreciate my work, it could act as an encouragement to me, allowing me to keep on moving . When people think that i 'm their maid, calling me to do some ridiculous thing for them, i 'll feel frustrated and depressed. It's hard to be a nurse , especially in SINGAPORE. People here are born to be fussy and calculative. i' m feeling very tired now.

My working area is totally insane, it starts work on 7 am, i have to come 15 minutes early in order to check my patient, supposedly to end at 330pm, but i ll go back @ 430 pm or even 5 pm.Throughout the 8 30 hours, i only went for toilet once and 20 minutes break. i couldn't breath while i step in back to the ward. People 're looking for nurses everywhere, every minutes. I remember there was one time i was suffocated by the heavy workload inside the ward, my brain was totally can't function at that moment, i hided myself in the store room for 5 minutes just to escape from the noisy environment.

I hope tomorrow that no more people taking MC again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

1st time cabut my tooth :)

My gigi was out half hour ago,without causing me any single pain, the effect of analgesia is powerful, thanks to the one who invented it.

Dr Saw told me that my tooth was dead which mean the nerve of my that rosak tooth was dead , so it won't cause any single pain to me now. Admittedly ,he is an very skillful and nice Dr. THANK U!

I have attached the picture of my ugly tooth above, it looks awful and disgusting. i feel awkward to show it out, because it really looks bad, and people will think of that i 'm a unhygienic person who doesn't take care her teeth well. Maybe i was that person before, but i 'm very concern about my oral hygiene nowadays.

I'm going to wash my teeth after i complete my probation as i can get free teeth cleaning in my hospital.WOOO~~ i have to jaga my teeth more.

IV cannulation

i 'm so proud of myself that i could perform an intravenous cannulation for my ah gong today although the last two attempts were failed. This has been brighten my whole day, i was so happy throughout this wonderful day.

sorry Ah gong for poking you for 3 times :) i promise you i will do better than last time and please don't pull out your plug, otherwise i will be the one to insert it again and normally novice causes much pain than expert.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


i 'm going to cabut my gigi, going back home on this coming friday till sun :) sweet home sweet.

-the moment u threw your phone, i knew it was the end-

no one is going to know what had happened.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

:)my 21st birthday celebration by my sec classmates

a quick update~

i just had an outing with chasheng, karen, tianhao, yeohaur, yujia and sarah . we planned to celebrate for MAY and JUNE birthday 's babies today, including me and tianhao. Thanks to you girls and guys for preparing the cake. LOve it .

Yujia just came back from HONGKONG and csheng & adrian are going to Aus soon. Everyone seems like flying around the world nowadays , i have to save money for my another trip too. Woo~ feel like going back to BANGKOK again, BK is really a great shopping paradise especially for girl!!!

arghhhh i m having off day for these two days, working as an adult is tiring and hard to get a long break now. Lotsa things need to be picked up during working life, keep on learning new things.

miss the life in school.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ignore anything makes me seem like a bad person

why i can't choose to avoid certain thing, certain person?
i'm a hypocrite? No.. i'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U said that u were thoughtful, but you never think of me.
Never ever think of me!
i don't know what the hell was that, but now, i'm happy. i 'm happy with what i ' m doing now.
Stop criticizing me, don't make me feel so LOW.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Graduation Ceramony .

Hey girls and guys, i 'm officially graduated. This was my first time wearing a robe , feeling so HOT and miserable as we have to wear long sleeves inside of it. Don't you think it looked like HARRY PORTER's school Uniform?

3 years poly's life has been ended. I'm so proud of myself that i graduated with Diploma of Merit, i couldn't believe that i was the top 10 % of graduand in my COURSE, i think i was the last one who squeezed in the top 10 % list. I was just lucky.

According Chinese idiom, 所谓台下十年功,台上三分钟. We studied for three years just to get a cert on stage , and was only a few seconds we can stand on the stage. The Graduation ceremony ended very fast, i just blinked my eyes, it was over.

I'm glad that i got the support from 3 different types of power.

The first one is the power of LOVE. Thank you to my love one Yannwu, who was my photographer on the attire day. Btw, i really like the surprise that was given by u. Although i have no idea how to use it, but i'm willing to learn.

Secondly, it is the POWER of family. A big thank you to my 3 rd bro who actually came all the way from KL to SG just to attend my graduation Ceramony. :) i 'm so happy, at least there was someone attend my COnvo.
The Last power was given by my supportive friends especially Karen and Yujia. I 'm blessed when i was seeing both of u. Our friendship is going to last forever.

my classmates!

my dearest sisters. AHbao, ahpang and me.